Blippi Live at Murat Theatre

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Murat Theatre at Old National Centre | Indianapolis, Indiana

Blippi Live

Halloooo, it’s Blippi! And he’s here to take fans on a wild ride through adventure and music! Indianapolis better get ready as the hit new musical makes its way into town! The beloved comical character Blippi will be taking his Blippi mobile and ride into the Murat Theatre! It’s a guaranteed kid friendly fest packed with all the hits and sensational characters as Blippi Live conquers the stage on Friday 6th December 2024! Expect the most awesome hits from the beloved show, like “Excavator Song,” “Monster Truck Song,” “Fire Engine,” and plenty more! It’s not only educational but super duper entertaining for your kiddos! So if you want to bring your family on a great bonding moment just right before the holidays, then better bring them to this fantastic spectacle with superb production, colorful costumes, and brilliant performers! It’s all yours for the taking, just hit that Get Tickets link now!

It’s your kids turn to enjoy a great live musical! Lucky for you, the beloved wacky character Blippi will be in town! This fall season, the massive musical will be serving its last few stops in North America, but fans over in Indianapolis will be witnessing a bright showdown featuring this new impressive production! Blippi, your beloved main character, will be bringing audiences on a wild, magical ride across the world of community helpers, dinosaurs, and more. Your kids will shriek with excitement when they see giant monster trucks, excavators, dinos, and kooky little Blippi mobile!

Aside from awe-inspiring, colorful props, Blippi Live will also feature plenty of friendly faces! Expect Blippi to introduce some wacky characters - all ready to belt out a song or two! It’s a fun, fun experience for when you dive into Blippi’s world – there is no mystery why it’s called the Wonderful World Tour! It’s no question that Blippi the Musical will bring out all the stops – with grand props, sets, characters, and costumes. But what makes this event a highly unique showdown is the use of state-of-the-art display screens. Blippi Live is an interactive spectacle with top-tier sound and light technology. This is to ensure that the kiddos will get clear and crisp sound and visual presentation, without the show being too loud and overwhelming to their little eyes and ears!

They have truly thought of everything to give the little ones the best show experience! And one of the most important factors for the ultimate fuss free event is bringing this highly rated musical to the Murat Theatre! With its great location and ample parking, the venue is sure to provide families with the utmost comfort. Its easy access will let kiddos with strollers to stride right in. The auditorium is also equipped with plush seating and each location provides a great view of the stage. There is no doubt that this legendary venue will give kids the best first musical experience! So jump on board this Blippi train and join the festivity! It will surely liven up your kids’ imaginations!

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Blippi Live at Murat Theatre at Old National Centre

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