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Murat Theatre at Old National Centre | Indianapolis, Indiana

Blues Traveler

Calling all blues rock junkies! It’s time for a roaring celebration featuring the unprecedented kings of blues jam extravaganzas! Monumental rock powerhouse, Blues Traveler, is commemorating the year 2024 with a grand spankin’ anniversary bonanza of their 1994 groundbreaking work, Four! This thrilling showdown is set to hit 15 select cities, including a coveted detour over at Indianapolis’ Murat Theatre! On Thursday 24th October 2024, fans are looking at experiencing riveting showdowns of classic hits like “Run,” “Hook,” “The Mountains Win Again,” and tons more! This is your opportunity to catch Blues Traveler perform the album in its entirety and it’s bound to be a high powered rager with extensive jams and mind blowing segues! Jam band fanatics are sure to have quite the fix as Blues Traveler tears up the stage with their unprecedented anniversary set! So hurry and secure your access now by clicking on the Get Tickets link!

It’s time to rock out like never before and it’s all for a brilliant celebration of Blues Traveler’s career-defining work! Four, which was dropped in 1996, pretty much brought the band into the mainstream circuit! In addition to being a highly definitive work, it is also their best selling effort, reaching up to six million in sales in the U.S.! This 2024, the album will be brought into the limelight as Blues Traveler dedicates an entire tour just to celebrate the album’s 30th anniversary! Get set for a slew of massively riveting ragers as Blues Traveler travels to 15 major cities! These dates are painfully rare, but lucky for fans in Indianapolis, the outing includes a coveted stop at the Murat Theatre!

On Thursday 24th October 2024, fans are guaranteed to be thrilled with Blues Traveler’s classic ‘90s staples. Four has spawned several iconic hits, including “Run Around,” “Hook,” The Mountains Win Again,” “Price to Pay,” and plenty more.”Run Around” and “Hook” are the band’s two singles that made a breakthrough into the Billboard Hot 100. Meanwhile, “Mountains Win Again” sizlzed over at the Adult Alternative Airplay chart. The incredible work the band did with this album has brought in millions of listeners and also helped them gain a massive following. Earning a six time platinum status, Four remains Blues Travelers’ best selling album to date.

Besides featuring this globally renowned studio work, Blues Traveler will still belt out their signature segues and extended jams. Attendees are sure to have their mind blown as the band show off their killer music prowess. A terrific live act to see in person, Blues Traveler has earned a stark reputation for serving high powered ragers and adrenaline pumping sets.

Experience this out of this world blues rock party at the legendary Murat Theatre. The venue has been known as a fantastic melting pot of world class talents. With its long history in hosting globally renowned artists, the venue is conveniently equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lights and top caliber facilities, giving booths fans and artists the most ecstatic experience.

So hurry up and secure passes by hitting that Get Tickets link now before you miss out!

Blues Traveler at Murat Theatre at Old National Centre

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