Bluey’s Big Play at Murat Theatre

Bluey's Big Play Tickets

Murat Theatre at Old National Centre | Indianapolis, Indiana

Bluey's Big Play

It's gonna be a PAWsome adventure! Bluey and the Heelers are coming to town. It's time to raise your paws for a fantastic time of singing, dancing, and playing games all-day long. Parents, the kiddos' favorite cheeky canine is taking the whole gang for the ultimate backyard adventure at a theater near you. Having staged a roster of successful North American shows over the past year, the Heelers are heading to Murat Theatre for Bluey's Big Play happening on Sunday, June 2. If you've been looking for the perfect little summer adventure for the little ones, this should definitely be on the top of your list. Not only is it a chance for the kids to witness their favorite cartoon character come to life, it's also a time to bond and learn new things as a family. Don't miss out on this PAWsome day by booking those tickets now!

Straight from her home in Australia, Bluey is bringing her backyard adventures to the stage, on the other side of the world in North America. She's bringing along her whole fam bam - the Heelers to sing, dance, and play at theaters nationwide. Bluey's Big Play has won massive acclaim for its successful national run in Australia, playing at over four hundred shows, including one at the iconic Sydney Opera House. Set to meet her international iPad and TV friends, it's an exciting time to actually play in real life.

Amidst a lazy afternoon, everyone's dragging Dad out of the sofa. Together, they'll be singing, dancing, and having fun. Though the show is targeted at Bluey's little friends, parents are also in for a fun time. You'll get to play, bond, and share precious moments to remember with the kids. Its producers promise an original new story by Joe Brumm, creator of Bluey. It will also feature new music by Bluey composer Joff Bush.

"When Dad feels like a little bit of Sunday afternoon time out, Bluey and Bingo have other plans," Bluey's official website shared. "Join them as they pull out all of the games and cleverness at their disposal to get Dad off that bean bag."

Now's the time to get Dad off of that bean bag! To the moms out there reading this, we're pretty sure the kids' dads also need to get off that sofa and join in the fun at Bluey's Big Play.

Parents fret not! It may be for the kids, but just remember, moments like these make their childhood. Trust us, they definitely appreciate you being around, especially when they get to meet their internet canine best friend! This will definitely be a unique and special time to bond and have fun as a family.

"We know how much love there is out there for Bluey and are thrilled and honored to translate these brilliant characters into the three-dimensional world and to share this special experience with fans throughout America," shares Rosemary Myers from Windmill Theatre Co.

Bluey is a representation of nurturing family life. It promotes healthy interactions, education, and most importantly the value of having fun. "The Emmy-winning Australian series accurately captures family life, introduces new games and sparks conversations," The Guardian shared in its review of the show. "It also demonstrates how to behave and, more importantly, how to play – for us and for our children."

Don't miss out on Bluey's Big Play live at Murat Theatre by booking your tickets now!

Bluey's Big Play at Murat Theatre at Old National Centre

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