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Murat Theatre at Old National Centre | Indianapolis, Indiana


Pop and rock have almost been looked at as rival genres. Bands like COIN, though, prove that they can co-exist. This is a band with plenty of rock influence, but then there’s Chase Lawrence. His vocals and his groove on the keys are what bring more of the pop out of the band. In any case, the band is taking its “I’m not Afraid of Tours Anymore” tour to the Murat Theatre at Old National Centre in Indianapolis on Sunday, 6th October 2024. They’re going to be promoting their newest album, “I’m Not Afraid Of Music Anymore,” on this tour.

The band’s back with a new show and music. It’s a great opportunity for fans to make their way to the Murat Theater on this Sunday in October. This promises to be an upbeat night of jumping up and down and singing “Talk Too Much.” If you want to be in the crowd on October 6th, click the get tickets button today!

COIN has a similar origin story to some of the most iconic bands in the world. Chase Lawrence and Joe Memmel were classmates and actually sat together in music class. They decided to start writing music together, andddd you can guess the rest. What’s really interesting about the origin story here is that it helps explain the type of music that the band is known for. They went to music school! So they’ve been able to pick up a thing or two about sound mixing and how to pair electric guitars with the synths. The wild card for the live shows is Chase Lawrence’s energy. That’s what usually sets the tone and gets the crowd in that good mood and kind of rowdy at times.

A COIN concert is one that you’ll want to take the good vibe friends to! It’s not that you want to tell some of your other buddies that they’ll kill your vibe if they come along. You may not want to risk it! Just kidding, as advertised, Chase Lawrence’s catchy vocals and good vibes should do the trick to ensure that you’ll all be happy on this night in Indy. COIN is actually one of the few Pop/Rock bands left standing. At least they’re one of the few bands who are still putting out new music. “Strawberry Jam,” the single that’s already out from their yet-to-be-released “I’m Not Afraid Of Music Anymore” album, proves they’re still going to be the same pop rock band that they’ve always been. Good Charlotte would say it’s not 2003 anymore, but guys like COIN are keeping the genre alive!

There are a few sneaky good spots at the Murat Theatre that you’ll want to know about if you’re planning on getting tickets to this show. Obviously, if you’re a massive COIN fan, the pit area is where you can interact with them the most and really feel the rock concert experience. The front rows, though on the second level, perhaps provide the best overall view of any show at this Indy institution. Just a few things to keep in mind. If you want to head to the Murat Theater on October 6th to see COIN, you know what you need to do! Click the get tickets button and choose your seats.

Coin at Murat Theatre at Old National Centre

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