Eddie Griffin at Murat Theatre

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Murat Theatre at Old National Centre | Indianapolis, Indiana

Eddie Griffin

Prepare to laugh your ass off, Indiana, because the king of stand-up Eddie Griffin is finally touring across the country. On his “Live and Unleashed!” tour, Eddie is taking his time entertaining Las Vegas, but will eventually move to venues all over the country. This includes his date on June 15th at the Murat Theatre in Indianapolis where he’s sure to ruffle some feathers and leave the audience gasping for air. If you wanna see this legend perform live, you’re gonna have to be quick - tickets are expected to sell out fast. So, what are you doing reading this still? Grab your tickets online… like, right now!!!

Eddie Griffin wasn’t always a comedian. In fact, if he hadn’t been pushed by his friends to go onstage at an open mike night one day in 1989, his life might’ve shaped up to be a whole lot different.

Before that fateful night, Eddie had become a father, enlisted in the Navy, and even spent some time in prison on assault charges after a petty fight. Now, he’s selling out venues across the country, and has the Las Vegas Saxe Theater booked for a month straight. Yeah, he’s a big deal. Which is why you HAVE to see him in Indiana. So grab your tickets now!!

Comedy isn’t the only thing he does well - Eddie is also an established actor, performing in a number of films such as Undercover Brother and Scary Movie 3. But perhaps his most notable role is Eddie Sherman in the hit tv sitcom Malcolm and Eddie. He played the role for four years, and it largely contributed to the fan base he has today. Although this is true, he’s known for much more than that role now. Still, his greatest asset has always been his live performances. There is nothing quite like seeing Eddie land every joke while pacing the stage. You’ll need to see it to truly believe it, so get tickets right here, right now.

It’s safe to say that Las Vegas has seen quite a bit of Eddie Griffin these past few weeks. Since early spring, he’s been performing regularly at the Saxe Theater in Paradise, Nevada. After an impressive run of back to back shows with almost no days in between, Eddie is finally ready to see more of this country. If you wanna see him while he’s out, check out tickets for his show in Indianapolis. You won’t wanna miss this, so hurry!!! Tickets will sell out fast!

For this US tour, he has dates in Indiana, New York, California, and Michigan, among others. You need to get tickets for this upcoming tour, and who doesn’t want a chance to see a show at the beautiful Murat Theatre? There’s nothing better than seeing an amazing comedy set with an absolutely gorgeous stage to set the scene. Grab your tickets to see Eddie in Indianapolis this summer, or you’re missing out. Get them while they’re here!!!

Eddie Griffin at Murat Theatre at Old National Centre

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