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Murat Theatre at Old National Centre | Indianapolis, Indiana

Eden Munoz

Hey Indiana! You’re looking at a brilliant season with some fire performance from Mexico's top music export! For starters, the illustrious and unabashed powerhouse Eden Munoz will be out and about with his brand new effort, Como en Los Viejos Tiempos! Armed with a great new record , Munoz hits North American once again his generous summer dates include a detour in Indianapolis! Get set for some regional goodness as Eden Munoz serves his brilliant hits on a platter at the Murat Theatre! On Saturday 7th September 2024, fans will be treated to iconic titles like “abcdario,” “Todo Vale Madre,” “CCC,” and “Chale.” His set will also include a side of smashing singles from Calibre 50 and a few astounding covers! Time to brush on your Spanish, so you can sing loud and proud at the Murat Theatre! Hurry and secure your access now!

It’s three magnificent eras in one! If you have no idea what we are talking about, well Eden Muñoz is not your ordinary solo icon! This Mexican powerhouse is very much a fixture in the Mexican circuit since the early 2000s. His work with Colmillo Norteño, Calibre 50, and as a solo performer has made him a true enigma in the world of traditional Mexican music. Now, after dropping some of the most beloved singles since 2010, he finally came out with his first studio gem, Como en Los Viejos Tiempos! Of course, he’s promoting the heck out of this album – first with a monster spring outing, which basically sold out pretty much all of its dates. With great demand, it's only logical for Munzo and co to extend the outing! Now, summer is filled with numerous coveted gigs, including one sensational spectacle at the Murat Theatre.

Fans in Indiana are looking at a plentiful setlist when they catch the regional Mexican icon on Saturday 7th September 2024. Muñoz is most famous for his hefty setlist – a power packed show awaits as he performs his astounding titles, including “Simplemente Gracias,” “Corrido de Juanito,” “ABCDario,” “Contigo,” and more. Meanwhile, Calibre 50 fans will be thrilled as Munoz brings some of the band’s hits to life. His setlist have always included crowd pleasers like “A la Antiguita,” “Siempre te voy a querer,” and “Ciudando El Territorio.” In addition to brilliant his from Munoz’s career, the show will not be complete with Munoz covering some of his favorite songs. He has been known to perform impressive renditions of songs from the likes of Chalino Sanchez, El Fantasma, Marco Antonio Solis, and even Selena.

Now, fans will see a rip-roaring buffet of magnificent regional Mexican staples as Eden Muñoz and his backup band belt out his large catalog. The show will definitely provide fans with Sinaloan style Norteño, banda, corrido, mariachi, and lots, lots more!

Don’t miss out on the regional Mexican king Eden Muñoz as he conquers the Murat Theatre! Secure passes to his show on Saturday 7th September 2024 by clicking on the Get Tickets link now!

Eden Munoz at Murat Theatre at Old National Centre

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