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Murat Theatre at Old National Centre | Indianapolis, Indiana

Franco Escamilla

Indianapolis is on the countdown for the arrival of Mexico’s “Master of Sarcasm”! The multi-talented Franco Escamilla is set to entertain at the Murat Theatre on Friday, September 20th. Chuckle down memory lane as the comedian's fresh “1995” show digs up the gems of nineties humor that made us all crack up! Trust us, this man is the funniest jack-of-all-trades. Not only is he a philanthropist and businessman but he’s also the visionary founder of La Diablo Squad! Revered for his YouTube exploits and sarcastic adult humor, this actor's punchlines are a fusion of darkness and delightful amusement, providing the world with a breather from the demands of everyday life. Laugh ‘til your sides hurt at Indiana’s stunning stage that offers the most advanced audio-visual tech, guaranteeing a clear performance for fans and newcomers alike! Your passes to the best seats awaits – click the “Get Tickets” link and secure your prime spot now!

Radio personality and Mexican actor Franco Escamilla's comedic charm is essentially a one-stop-shop for everything you could hope to experience in a stand-up act. He's cheeky, he's caustic, he’s a hoot - and he’s on his way to the Murat Theatre on Friday, September 20th to bring his “1995” show!

We're throwing it back with a twist - it’s time to unbox those cherished '90s memories because jokes from that era are about to light up the room tonight! As the title suggests, the live stand-up event will focus on exploring the events, pop culture trends, and noteworthy happenings that made an impact during that year.

The “Master of Sarcasm” is known for sharing humor weekly on his “La Mesa Reñoña” YouTube show, along with the successful comedian group he founded, the La Diablo Squad. Over the years, his notable feats include being the first stand-up comedian to perform at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico with two sold-out shows that moved 18,000+ tickets and grossed $563,457 in sales.

Guess who's not just a stand-up sensation but also a rising star in the music and acting scene? Some of Escamilla’s most popular releases include "Mucho para Mí", "Él y Yo", and the emotional "Bye Bye." On top of that, he is also internationally recognized for his 2022 television special, Voyerista Auditivo, where he humorously delves into topics such as gossip, the pandemic, and airport experiences.

And when it comes to his showmanship, it's no laughing matter – people everywhere are raving about how seamlessly his comedy transitions from online to the stage! “The best stand-up I've seen in a while in English or Spanish. I've seen almost everything on YouTube and listen to podcast, also my friends have seen his show only a couple of months ago and he has ALL NEW material. Very impressive. Definitely worth every penny!”

The Murat Theatre is probably one of the greatest, if not the best, live entertainment venues that showcase the biggest comedy shows in town! It’s top features include Middle Eastern-themed architecture, comfortable seating with excellent sightlines, and superb acoustics that will clarify each line spoken by our headliner for the night! Snag those front-row seats for Franco Escamilla LIVE on Friday, September 20th!

Franco Escamilla at Murat Theatre at Old National Centre

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