Juvenile & The 400 Degreez Band at Murat Theatre

Juvenile & The 400 Degreez Band Tickets

Murat Theatre at Old National Centre | Indianapolis, Indiana

Juvenile & The 400 Degreez Band

Indy, are you ready for some old-school rap? Juvenile, one of the leaders of the 90s rap movement, will headline a show at the Murat Theater at Old National Centre on Friday, September 6th. He’s bringing along his 400 Degreez Band for this event, that’s part of his Back That Azz Up 25th Anniversary tour. There’s something between Juvenile, and that 400 Degreez label. Of course, his most popular album, released way back in 1998, carries that name. His newest single is also titled 400 Degreez; it’s also what his accompanying band goes by. Expect to hear 400 Degreez a ton on this night.

What you can also expect is a bunch of traditional hip-hop tracks. If you’re a fan of 90s rap, the Murat Theater in Indianapolis is the place to be on Friday, September 6th. Not too many of these types of shows are making Indy stops this year! Knowing that, click the get tickets button soon to ensure you’ll have a spot at the Murat Theater in September.

Juvenile’s flagship track “Back That Azz Up” is turning 25 years old! If you were around back then and you were a fan of the rapper, this stop in Indy is going to be a must for you. It’s going to be one of those nights where, as a fan in the crowd, you’re going to feel like you’ve turned back the clock when you step into the Murat Theater. It’s not just because an OG’s going to be on stage. Truth be told, sometimes, these shows with performers who’ve been around for a while go from nostalgic to sad. What you see on stage is a shell of the old artist’s self. That’s not the case at all with Juvenile! He’s got a couple of things going for him.

He picked the name Juvenile because he was a teen in the 90s when he was already making music! In fact, he’s yet to reach his 50th birthday. You can expect him to look fresh on stage, spitting tracks like he always has. “Back That Azz Up” is obviously going to be the song that he pumps up the most during the show. It’s his greatest hit and the 25-year anniversary was the excuse to go on tour. “Ha” from his 400 Degreez album is another fan favorite that’s bound to get some cheers from the crowd in Indy on the first Friday in September.

His 400 Degreez band features a few performers who also do their own thing. It really helps the show flow with different performers on the stage all spittin' their own rhymes very much in the way that 80s and 90s rap shows used to go. The format of the concert itself is going to be old school. You’re truly going to be in a time machine at the Murat Theater at Old National Centre.

Speaking of the venue, the pit area is where you’ll get to truly experience that old-school rap concert vibe because you’ll be right next to the stage and potentially able to interact with the performers. The great thing about the Murat Theater is that you’ll be able to see the stage nicely, even from the back rows, thanks to the elevated seating. Sound travels great here as well, so any ticket in the house is decent. Click to get tickets, though, before they start running out.

Juvenile & The 400 Degreez Band at Murat Theatre at Old National Centre

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