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Murat Theatre at Old National Centre | Indianapolis, Indiana

Satinder Sartaaj

An evening of Punjabi folk music, Sufi poetry, and modern influences will welcome you this June 16 at the Murat Theatre as India's pride Satinder Sartaaj brings his world to Murat Theatre. As one of India's amazing entertainers, Sartaaj will keep you engaged on this incredible Sunday night. You are in for an immersive and culturally-rich experience that showcases the depth and beauty of Punjabi music and poetry. With hits like "Udaarian," "Bahuta Sochi'n Na," "Main Te Meri Jaan," and "Sai," among many others, you are sure to be singing the night away. Everyone will be up on their feet once he picks up the microphone and sings his heart out to tunes that will remind you of the richness of Punjabi music and culture. So, if this is something that interests you, click the "Get Tickets" link now in order to reserve your tickets. Grab yours now before they run out. Don't miss the one and only Satinder Sartaaj!

Santider Sartaaj had no clue that his career would be soaring to international fame when he accepted an invitation to perform at an event in Toronto, Ontario in 2018. His biggest break as a professional musician came from what he believed would be a one-off performance for a Punjabi-Canadian audience. The man had no intentions of becoming a musician before this; he was just a regular farmer who happened to love music and literature. Thanks to the internet, the world was introduced to the greatness of this Punjabi artist. Clearly, the gods have other plans for him.

Sartaaj rose to prominence throughout the years, becoming a major player in India's entertainment scene. Known for his exquisite lyrics and distinctive vocal style, Sartaaj's music often touches on themes of love, spirituality, and cultural legacy. He put his love of literature and his master's and doctorate degrees in Sufi singing to good use, enthralling audiences throughout the globe with his lyrical poetry and music. Thus, it was no surprise that he won the "Best International Act" award at the 2011 Brit Asia TV Music Awards.

"Udaarian," "Tere Vaastey," "Bahuta Sochi'n Na," and countless more songs displayed his powerful vocals, lush lyrics, and dedication to Punjabi culture. Along with his singing career, he entertained acting roles. In films such as "The Black Prince," "Ikko Mikke," and "Kali Jotta," he displayed his acting chops. These parts solidified his position as a key figure in contemporary Punjabi music and culture. Certainly, not everyone can achieve Sartaaj's level of perfection in both cinema and music.

In order to perform for his Punjabi-American fan base, the 41-year-old performer will be visiting the US this year. He will be performing at the Murat Theater at the Old National Centre on June 16. An emotionally charged performance is assured when Sartaaj performs his career-defining songs with passion at the legendary venue in Indianapolis, Indiana. The "Get Tickets" link will take you to a page where you may purchase your tickets. Get yours today and get ready to be hypnotized by the enchanting ambiance created by Sartaaj's powerful vocals and impeccable traditional Punjabi music.

Satinder Sartaaj at Murat Theatre at Old National Centre

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