Twister – Film and Conversation with Helen Hunt at Murat Theatre

Twister - Film and Conversation with Helen Hunt Tickets

Murat Theatre at Old National Centre | Indianapolis, Indiana

Twister - Film and Conversation with Helen Hunt

This classic film had audiences terrified but also awed by the natural phenomenon, known as Tornadoes a.k.a. Twisters! This 2024, you can enjoy the magnificent 1996 work that not only secured tons of prestigious awards, but also the unabashed status of becoming a cult favorite! Twister was one of the best-selling films the year it was released and close to three decades later, it’s a brilliant piece of art that’s continuously enjoyed and discussed by film fanatics! Well, this fall the film will conquer numerous major venues, including Indianapolis’ Murat Theatre, where a screening would take place, followed by a Q&A with its star, Helen Hunt! The film and conversation showdown on Sunday 29th September 2024 is sure to give you a terrific stormy experience! So if you’re up for this great cinematic work from the ‘90s, where there was little to almost no special effects, then you better hurry and secure your access now!

This film had the world scared of coming across a giant tornado and for good reason! This film dedicates a whole entire premise about measuring how powerful this natural phenomenon is and had fantastic stars like Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton going on a wild chase, to send orbs up in the air! Twister was an excellent film that took the world literally by storm and it became 1996’s second best-selling release. In addition to becoming a surefire hit during its prime, the film also brought in countless accolades, including a BAFT Award, a Golden Screen Award, and two Academy nominations. Most of all, Twister has become a cult classic, this has ensured the film’s longevity and because the direction, acting, effects, and more were so iconic, film fanatics can’t help but enjoy the movie with a thrilling discussion after.

So that’s what’s in store for viewers who will be checking out this uber special screening at the Murat Theatre. Enjoy a state-of-the-art showing of the 1996 classic, Twister – this work has garnered incredible reviews for its sound production. Thus, the screening is especially equipped with top-tier sound equipment for that clear and crisp quality! In addition to a profound aural experience, the event will also use hi tech projection and screen system.

After a terrific viewing of the film, the event will be followed by a live interview and a special question and answer portion with its star, Helen Hunt, who plays the role of gutsy and cool scientist Jo Harding. Besides the highly anticipated Q&A, Hunt will also be sharing insights, behind the scenes moments, anecdotes, and tons more. In a previous interview, Hunt had shared that in order to replicate the immense power and disastrous danger of being in the presence of a tornado, director Jan De Bont had everything, including the kitchen sink thrown at them. It’s stories like these that will surely have film fanatics light up with excitement and Hunt is ready to spill them all!

So be sure to check this highly awaited showdown at the Murat Theatre. Twister will have you reveling in the fantastic old school effects and film techniques of the ‘90s but also have you enjoying a remarkable plot and whole lot of entertainment! Be sure not to miss out by securing your passes as early as now!

Twister - Film and Conversation with Helen Hunt at Murat Theatre at Old National Centre

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