The theatre rules may be subject to change. We recommend checking the with the venue directly for a full list of the latest rules and information. You can contact them directly via phone using the number we listed on the contact page.

The Murat Theatre, located within the Old National Centre, is a venue that prides itself for being well suited to all in the community and provides the very best in entertainment.
Everyone is welcome, including all ages, but please be aware of the general following rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for attendees, staff and performers.

Food and Drinks policies:
Please do not bring in your own Food and Drinks from outside of the venue. There are plenty of options to choose from in all rooms; The Murat Theatre, Egyptian Room and Deluxe.
You will be able to select from a full menu and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available.

Lost and Found:
If you have lost an item, the best way to deal with it is to contact a member of staff.
You can do this in the Old National Center’s main office or by contacting 317-231-0000.

Box office and general hours:
The venue will open one hour before the start time of the event, giving you time to purchase refreshments and find your seats.

The Box Office will open two hours prior to an event.
See opening times below:

Monday – Thursday 11AM – 6PM
Friday – 10AM – 6PM
Saturday and Sunday – Closed. Except from days with shows scheduled, if so they will run as normal.